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10 Useful International Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers - Part 1

May 2024

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First-time international travelers preparing passports and researching destinations

Going somewhere completely new may be initially scary and confusing but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these simple tips of things to do before traveling internationally to ensure smooth sailing.

  1. 1. Prepare your travel documents
    The most important tip to avoid unnecessary stress is to apply for your passport well in advance. Without your passport or a travel visa, your potential travel radius is limited significantly.

    This can be an oversight for some people, but a passport validity of 10 years can make people complacent, forgetting that it actually requires renewing.

    Many countries may not even let you enter if you have less than 6 months validity on your passport and your request for a visa may be denied if you don’t have enough free pages in your passport.

    A general rule of thumb to follow is to make sure you have a valid passport at the time you're before booking your flight. The process for applying for and receiving your passport can potentially delay your trip if you don't apply in advance.

    You’ll need to check in advance whether you need a visa which is a document issued by the destination country granting you entry. Showing up to your flight without the necessary visa may lead to you being rejected, especially if you cannot apply for one on arrival.

    US and UK passport holders can travel to quite a few countries without a visa, or they can receive one on arrival. However, rules vary between countries so be sure to thoroughly research the entry requirements.

  2. 2. Research your destination
    It is important to invest plenty of time in researching your destination to optimize your experience. While it may seem more fun to travel spontaneously, it is far more practical if you are able to anticipate some of the nuances of your destination country by studying the tips for traveling abroad for the first time.

    Aside from differences in language and culture, laws may vary too. Did you know that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore? Or that it’s illegal to feed pigeons in Venice? If your plan was to ride a cow while intoxicated in Scotland, you’ll find that that’s prohibited, too. Foreign countries are full of laws that may be strange to you, but that’s only because it is not your culture. Knowing them ahead of time can keep you out of trouble.

    • Can you drink the tap water?
    • What is the local currency?
    • What is the dominant religion and are there rules around clothing modesty?
    • Do you need any vaccines?
    • How catered to tourism is your destination? Are accommodations for tourists widely available?
    • What is the country's main language? How widely is English spoken?
    • Does the local food align with your dietary requirements?
    • Do traffic laws in this location differ from your home country?

  3. 3. Address money matters
    Before you set off for your far flung destination, you will need to notify your bank to let them know that you are traveling. That way, your bank doesn’t suspect fraud when they see your card is suddenly being used at a market in Thailand.

    Depending on your destination, you may not have easy access to ATMs. Some countries that run on largely cash economies might not even have card readers at most restaurants or businesses. If this is the case, be sure to carry enough money on you to cover your expenses on a day out. Some travelers store larger sums of money in a money belt for safety.

  4. 4. Compare transportation & accommodation options
    You are likely to be on the move every day, so be sure to research the most effective way to travel during your trip.

    Websites such as Rio2Rome and 12Go are great tools for exploring route options and figuring out which mode of transportation (bus, train, or plane) will be the quickest and cheapest.

    Buses and subway systems are usually the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation and also offer you the chance to embrace the sights and chat with locals. Otherwise, you can always download a rideshare app such as Uber, Cabify, Grab, or Bolt to get door-to-door service with vetted and licensed drivers at fair prices.

    While hotels are always a good option, hostels, guesthouses, and Airbnb can work out to be cheaper and more immersive, allowing you to meet other travelers. If you opt for a hostel, boutique hostels are oftentimes equipped with nicer amenities than budget hotels.

    Should you choose to stay in one place for a considerable period of time, be sure to explore places that offer monthly discounts. Websites such as Hostelz.com compare sites such as Hostelworld, Booking, Gomio, and more, and also allow users to book directly through the site with the lowest prices.

  5. 5. Book everything in advance
    If you are certain of your itinerary, the best time to book your trip is whenever you have the money and the commitment to travel. While it is nice to have the freedom to make the last-minute choice of where to stay, don’t be surprised if accommodation is scarce or suddenly very pricey when you show up at your destination.

    It is not unheard of that last-minute travelers end up scrambling for accommodation because they didn’t book anything beforehand. Not only will you end up paying more to book whatever is available, but being left without a place to stay is extremely stressful when you’re in a new place for the first time.

    The same goes for transport tickets – you’ll find the best deals by booking beforehand! The peace of mind of having your itinerary planned seamlessly from start to finish is truly priceless. It gives you more time to devote to enjoying your trip and less time stressing about what comes next.

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