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Thailand Trip: 15 Things Thailand Is Famous For?

June 2024

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One of the iconic attractions to explore on a Thailand package tour from Mumbai

Thailand is a Southeast Asian gem. To paint a picture of Thailand, it is made up of tropical beaches and ornate temples. The country is famous for being an ideal tourist destination for solo travellers, couples, friends and families alike. With the ultramodern landscape of Bangkok and the pristine beaches of Phuket and Krabi, visitors are in for a treat. If you are looking for a rejuvenating beach vacation, some thrilling adventure or just good vibes, Thailand is one of the best destinations for a short trip from India. The best time to visit Thailand for pleasant weather is between November to February.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Here are a few things Thailand is famous for.

  1. 1. The Grand Palace

    Out of the many Thailand famous places, the Grand Palace is the most iconic attraction. This intricate and marvellous building structure. The beautiful adoration of the Grand Palace is a fine example of Thai architecture. While you are here, you can explore the palace grounds, the Wat Phra Kaew Temple, Thai artwork and historical artefacts.

  2. 2. Thai Cuisine

    Just like any other Southeast Asian cuisine, Thailand is famous for its Thai Cuisine and street food markets. With a variety of tastes, ingredients and flavours influenced even by China and India, Thai cuisine will make your stomach full and soul smile. Some Thailand famous food options are tom yam, pad Thai, som tam, khao niao ma muang, khanom bue ang, guay teow, khao pad, gaeng keow wan and coconut ice cream. Reserve your evening for an amazing Thai food experience at the street food stalls, where you will have 100+ options to choose from. You will eat to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your pocket.

  3. 3. Shopping in Thailand

    Thailand is famous for having so many shopping options that you will need a serious Thailand shopping guide. From malls, floating markets and night markets to markets on train tracks, there are so many options. The best shopping malls in Thailand are – Central World Mall, Siam Paragon Mall, Market Village, Terminal 21, etc. Experience the floating markets which are also top attractions in Thailand. Check out these top floating markets in Thailand- Amphawa Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Kwan Riam Floating Market, Tha Kha Floating Market, etc. for the night owls, visit these night markets in Thailand- Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Phuket Weekend Night Market, JJ Green Market, etc. If you are someone who is interested in premium brands but at low prices, you will have so much fun shopping in Thailand.

  4. 4. Thailand’s Nightlife

    Thailand is famous for nightlife, which is quite eclectic and diverse. From laidback, casual bars to the craziest all-nighter raves, it is one of the most popular party destinations in all of Asia. Bangkok offers a vibrant nightlife with options ranging from hip basement clubs to craft breweries and sophisticated rooftop bars. Even the beach destinations of Krabi, Phuket and Pattaya have the swankiest parties at beach bars, pubs, etc. Some Thailand famous places to party are Levels Club, Sugar Club, Illuzion and the infamous Khao San Road.

  5. 5. Buddhism

    Thailand is famous for being one of the countries with the largest Buddhist populations. To be precise, there are nearly 40,000 Buddhist temples and more than 3,00,000 Buddhist monks all over Thailand. There are temples, shrines and pagodas everywhere and are also one of the top attractions in Thailand. A few of the many remarkable and picturesque Wat’s (temples) in Thailand are Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Wat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, the White Temple in Chiang Rai, and Wat Ratburana in Ayutthaya. If you visit Thailand at the right time, you can also partake in the many Buddhist festivals celebrated here.

  6. 6. Chatuchak Weekend Market

    We know that Thailand is famous for its exquisite markets. One of them is the world’s largest weekend market, the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. Sprawling with 15,000 stalls and a visitor count of 2,00,000 each day, this market sells everything you can think of including antiques, arts, books, ceramics, clothing, home decor, plants, and even food. Put on your comfiest shoes and bargaining hats, because you are going to shop till you drop. Take a break in between shopping to enjoy the street food stalls and live music.

  7. 7. Wat Arun

    The Wat Arun or also known as the ‘Temple of Dawn’ is one of the prettiest, top attractions in Thailand. The temple’s Khmer-style building is colourfully decorated with glass and Chinese porcelain. Climb to the top of the central tower for some stunning city vistas, especially during the sunset. The nearby Chao Phraya River Bank adds to the beauty of this temple.

  8. 8. Souvenirs

    Thailand is famous for being a shopper’s paradise, so you ought to bring back souvenirs for yourself, friends and family. You can buy a variety of souvenirs from shopping malls, night markets, weekend markets and floating markets. Thailand famous things to buy as souvenirs are:

    • 1. Thai Silk
    • 2. Thai Spices
    • 3. Thai Spa Products
    • 4. Thai handicraft
    • 5. Thai Trinkets
    • 6. Thai silver
    • 7. Thai Coconut Oil Products
    • 8. Tiger Balm and much more

  9. 9. Thailand’s Ladyboys

    Thailand is famous for being an open country, where ladyboys live and work just like other citizens. Ladyboys or kathoeys are basically men who identify as women, they are either transgenders or men who exhibit feminine traits. These ladyboys work in several women-centric jobs, especially in the entertainment and tourism industries like red light districts. You can also find these talented entertainers at one of their cabaret shows, burlesque shows or at ladyboy bars. They are more commonly spotted in tourist areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai.

  10. 10. Island-hopping

    The tropical country of Thailand runs with a 2000+ km coastline and about 1400 islands scattered in the Arabian Sea. Hence, Thailand is a paradise for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. While on your Thailand holiday, get on a boat and go island-hopping in the Andaman Sea. you will be greeted by crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, diverse landscapes and lush vegetation. Spend some time relaxing here or engage in activities like snorkelling or diving. Some of the popular beaches are Koh Lipe, Klong Dao, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, etc.

  11. 11. Thailand’s Full Moon Party

    Thailand is famous for being a party central and Koh Phangan hosts the infamous Full Moon Party once every month. It is an all-night beach party that pulls in party animals from all over the world. Dance all night on a range of tunes under the moonlit beach with neon glows. There are abundant options for food and drinks on the beach itself. Check your calendars for the next full moon night and book your flight tickets from India to Thailand accordingly.

  12. 12. Wat Rong Khun Temple

    Just a glimpse of this stunning temple will leave you in awe. Wat Rong Khun Temple or also known as White Temple is located in Chiang Rai province. The temple’s pure white exterior is intricately designed with glass and mirror decorations. There is also a bridge leading to the temple’s entrance. The interior is also beautifully adorned with Buddhist sculptures, paintings and teachings. It is one of the top attractions in Thailand.

  13. 13. Elephant Nature Park

    If you are an animal lover, Thailand has one of the most amazing and ethical elephant sanctuaries in the world. The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai has dozens of rescued and rehabilitated elephants who now roam freely in the park. Dedicated mahouts ensure that these elephants are treated well. You can either go for a 1-day observation trip or volunteer for a 7+ day elephant camp. Grab this unique learning opportunity by getting a Thailand Visa online.

  14. 14. Thai Massages

    Thailand is famous for its traditional Thai massages or nuat thai. These Thai massages include traditional massage, oil massage, foot massage and pinda massage. They are a unique blend of acupressure, yoga-like stretches, and traditional Thai medical practices. The massage might feel a bit painful but you will feel rejuvenated once it is done. Do not miss out on a Thai massage as they are cheap and quite relaxing as well.

  15. 15. Thai Festivals

    Thailand celebrates several vibrant and religious festivals. The most important festival is Songkran, which is the Thai New Year. For three days straight there are water fights, traditional activities like dancing, merry-making and visiting temples. The famous Lantern Festival, Yi Peng, is held in November and is a mesmerising sight to behold with hundreds of lanterns in the night sky. Thailand also celebrates arts and culture with the Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival in Pattaya and the Maya Music Festival in Bangkok.

Well, there are so many other things Thailand is famous for. Find them out in person on your trip to Thailand. Make your stay a comfortable experience by booking the best hotels in Thailand. The ‘Land of Smiles’ awaits your presence.

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