Escape Solo With Your DSLR To These 7 Delightful Locations!

March 2018

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These locations are a real treat for the photographer in you according to HolidayIQ travellers. Grab those bags and get going.

1. Udaipur - For the picture perfect palaces and regal forts

HolidayIQ reviewer Nayani Bajpai shares, “Huge Palace to know the traditional culture in Rajasthan This Palace was built by Udai Singh II... For photography, one has to purchase the ticket for their self-owned cameras. The shooting of many Bollywood movies is done here, also many times the Palace is given on rent for marriage purpose as well.”

2. Alappuzha (Alleppey) - For the spectacular sunsets and white sandy beaches

HolidayIQ reviewer Amitra Kar says, “A scenic and beautiful beach with historical wonders Alleppey is unique in all sense and so as its beach! ... It's a clean white sandy long beach which is best viewed during sunsets when the pier provides a unique and magnificent photo opportunity."

3. Pangong - Invoke a sense of zen

HolidayIQ reviewer Anant Jain says, “The lake is very nice. The area is under the control of armed forces. This lake is very deep and you are not allowed to go in it or do boating, etc. The view is amazing and the scene looks beautiful...Nice area for photo shoots. You may definitely add it to your itinerary if you are visiting Leh. ”

4. Ranchi - For the breathtaking views of the waterfalls

HolidayIQ reviewer Prateek Shrivastava adds, “Dasam Fall is Situated Nearby Ranchi in the Ranchi - Jamshedpur Road...The Fall is very Beautiful but one should be very Caution and avoid going to stiffs and dangerous places as may cause a threat to life...An ideal site for photography Lovers.”

5. Chilika - To watch magnificent and rare birds

HolidayIQ reviewer Subhash Saha says, “ It's a paradise for the migratory birds in Winter. We saw lots of magnificent birds which you can only find in books or calendar. It's an amazing experience friends, taking closest photograph of birds, capturing their flights, bath, feeding and many other. ”

6. Yumthang Valley - For the picturesque views of the valley

HolidayIQ reviewer S.M.Bega Raaj shares, “Absolutely Stunning Yumthang Valley!...Yumthang Valley which is an unbelievably beautiful place, spent another 45 minutes there, these three places are a photographer's delightful place, please take your best camera to catch the action live.”

7. Lonar - For the tranquil serenity the lake invokes

HolidayIQ reviewer kalpana thakur shares, “Surprisingly calm lake located near Aurangabad. Lonar Lake, a true delight for a nature lover like me. Lake view from MTDC hotel is beautiful. It is an ideal place for trekking, sightseeing, wandering in jungle & of course for photography.”

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