10 Economical Ways For Students To Travel Around The World

August 2018

Utilizing college breaks to travel would seem exciting to any student who loves to meet new people and gain new experiences. You get months off during summer or winter breaks, you make new friends from different countries and have comparatively fewer responsibilities than you are ever going to have in your professional life. No wonder, college years are the best time to travel around the world.

But not everyone can afford it, right? Some students have their trips sponsored by their university or institution. Others have to make do with their own money.

Apart from all the planning and execution, you should always buy a student travel insurance policy before going on such trips. You cannot always anticipate what may go wrong during your expedition, so a travel insurance policy for student travellers is indispensable.

There are a number of ways to travel around the world and you can also try them all to see if they work just right for you. We have outlined 10 economical means to plan your travel during your summer or winter breaks-

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Below Are Ten Economical Ways For Students To Travel Around The World

1) Going on Cultural Exchange and Study Programs

Every year, the government introduces programs like Study Abroad or Study India, for a specified number of undergraduate students. The cost of traveling and sustenance, including visa, flights, accommodation and vaccinations, are covered under the scheme. All you need to do is buy a travel insurance policy to secure yourself against any exigencies during the trip. Usually, universities have their students covered under a student travel insurance policy to secure them against any uncertainties during the trip. These cultural exchange programs offer a great opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in a different culture including daily living, customs, language, and eating habits.

2) Winning Competitions

This won’t guarantee you a complete sponsorship, but you can win some appealing prizes. A number of travel magazines, newspapers and travel sites offer generous prizes to the winners of writing competitions (it can be blogs, stories, snippets, photographs, documentaries etc.). You can add the prize amount to your existing budget and see new places around the world.

3) Teaching in a Foreign Country at a Camp or School

Going abroad to teach is one of the greatest opportunities for student travelers. The experience is vivid and you can get acquainted with a new culture and meet a number of like-minded folks. The best part of traveling on behalf of your employer/company is that most of your expenses are already covered.

4) Seek Out Travel Allowances

There are organizations that provide travel funding to student travelers. For instance, UN and UNESCO offer travel grants to scholars from different universities. To avail the funding, you would need to convince the board of trustees about the worth of your travel plan. Moreover, it should be valuable for academic or cultural development. You would also need to meet the conditions and criteria set by the university board.

5) Get Funded by Societies

Certain universities and campus societies send their students to foreign countries using fund-raising programs. By being a part of such societies, you can slake your thirst for travel by going to different countries. The idea is to raise awareness among the people around the world about a particular program or course. Sometimes, travelling around the world for a good cause can help you gain unique experiences. It is completely sponsored by the society, provided that you are able to meet the purpose of the trip (some set goals/targets and criteria). Also, there are bonus points which you can avail for your future trips.

6) Stay with your Friends

You might meet some people in your university who are from different countries. If you have friends from different countries, then you can take the opportunity of going with them to their home country. As they say, what are friends for? You only need to pay for your travel and can save on the accommodation expenses.

7) Becoming a Seasonal Tour Guide

If you love to meet new people, then this one would work just right for you. If you are familiar with the history of your city, then you can become a tour guide during your college breaks. This way you can make a good amount of money. Various travel companies hire student tour guides as they have a good knowledge about the tourist spots in their city or the one in which they are studying. If you think you have the charm, confidence, and enthusiasm; then this is a great option for you. You can use your earnings on your next trip or for academic expenses.

8) Try Hitchhiking and CouchSurfing

Hitchhiking is one of the cheapest ways of travelling. You just need to be cautious while doing this. You can save even more by combining it with CouchSurfing. A lot of local citizens offer free home-stays to student travelers. All you need to do is help them with some domestic tasks in exchange. A lot of students have saved money this way, you can try it too.

9) Studying Abroad

There are a number of undergraduate courses that make it mandatory for students to go for overseas education programs. These internships help student travelers in getting some hands-on experience. If sponsored by the university, you can get all the financial assistance and grants. Make sure you have a travel insurance to cover yourself during your stay. If you’re lucky, you can gain benefits from global partnerships that your university or college might have. Also, the duration of the program may vary from a few months to a year.

10) You Can Take Up Farming

If you want to enjoy real-time farming experience under beautiful skies and lush green landscapes, then you can try this one during your next break. There are different countries that offer farming programs to student travelers. They often provide a stipend in addition to food and accommodation. A number of student travelers visit these farms every year during their short term and long term breaks.

Summing it up – If you are a student and have a restricted travel budget, you can certainly take advantage of the above-mentioned travel opportunities. We hope these travel tips will help you make the most of your summer or winter breaks.

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