10 Best Adventures to Take in Krabi beyond Boat Trips!

April 2019

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Don’t wait for the adventures to find you, rather you keep finding them! Talking about my vacations in Krabi, it’s a little difficult to pen down the experiences, as they were way beyond my expectations.

Whether it was swinging along the monster caves or unveiling the secrets of the ocean depths, it was a plush of all I wished for. This undaunted and unexploited land is a selection with no regrets if you are a nature lover and are seeking an escape from the chaotic world.

Keeping up with the fact, that if it’s easily attainable, then it’s never unique, Krabi owns a wide platter of such expeditions. Famed for mangrove flanked coastlines, beaches, and islands in its proximity, a trip to this province will unquestionably be an exceptional one. Brimming with a wide array of enthralling activities in Krabi that will amaze you with its adventure and beauty.

Wondering what not to miss? Island hopping! This place is rich when it comes to naming the isles in its vicinity like Ko Phi Phi, Jum island, Kai island, Mor island, and Bamboo island which are a hotspot for aqua sports and cater to picture-perfect views! When you travel far enough you meet yourself! And a trip to Krabi is just perfect for the purpose.

Here’s a list of 10 adventures I think are best!

1. Stroll down the waterfalls with canyoning in Ao Nang!

Pondering why canyoning? Challenge yourself to your wits with this adventure, as it is just one-of-its-kind and perfect if you are a thrill seeker. Imagine descending with a rope amidst the rocky cliffs with cool plunging water tickling all over your face.

Well, this image can be lived in Krabi. Once you make it to the start point, all you have to do is balance and be calm before you begin. Trust me, as soon as you go for the very first step, you will shriek out, but later it gets easier.

Where did I experience? : This can be witnessed at Ao Nang.

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2. Savour the thrill with Tubing in Kapong

Get the tinge of thrill with this unique aqua adventure. Some of them call it tube, while others call it a doughnut, moreover, the purpose of the adventure is to cut through the water by getting towed by a speed boat.

While you witness this water sport, you can feel the chilling water splash all over your face and body. It has two variants, with the first one you can float over the clear water and relax, and the other is definitely for the adventure seekers, which is getting towed at high speeds with boats.

Where did I experience? : It can be enjoyed in two places, Kapong, and Ao Nang.

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3. Let the marine world bewitch you with Snorkeling in Ko Hai Yai Caverns

Why snorkel here? This was something which came to my mind as well, but once I did it I had all the answers. The list of adjectives falls short when it comes to describing the experience, as it was just AMAZING! Crystal clear water extends the unobstructed views of the azure, and one can easily spot the alluring reefs and marine creatures in here. Be it a solo trip or group excursions, missing out on this refreshing session is just out of question.

Where did I experience? : This can be experienced at several places in Krabi like Ko Hai Yai Caverns, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Phi Phi Islands and limestone Islands at Ao Nang Bay

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4. When you see someone with BIG BOOTS, then it’s definitely trekking!

As soon as I took my first step in this town, I was ready for an exciting adventure. Tracing the trails of Krabi and others in its proximity is the best way to uncover the secrets of the town. While you hike up the bewildering trails, you will come across brooklets, lush green carpets, paradisiacal views, and a whole lot more of rugged terrains.

Whether you are here with your bunch of folks or up for a memorable solo trip, you will be amazed by its collection of picturesque uplands. Ranging from arduous trails with strenuous paths to the lazy walks along the greens, Krabi is crowned as the hikers’ paradise.

Where did I experience? : With a good number of trekking trails you can hike up, Hang Nak mountain, Bang Khram wildlife sanctuary, or Khao Phanom Bencha national park.

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5. Explore the underwater kingdom with Scuba diving

A number of aqua adventures are tailored by men, but Scuba diving is indeed an excellent invention. While you dive deep inside the ocean depths you will come across the marvels it has in its abode. Trust me, when you are deep inside the turquoise waters of the segment, its a treat for your each and every sense. From the mystical marine life to splendid coral reefs, here you can take a glimpse of all of it.

Where did I experience? : This can be witnessed at the Ao Nang Island.

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6. Witness the nerve-wrenching Rafting in Songprak River

Stop being too comfortable on your trip, as the best memories are always created when you are out of your comfort zone. Being a part of the amusing adventure is something you must not dare to miss. Moreover, if its a group trip, unlike mine it’s a crowning stroke.

As you can explore the waters of Krabi you can satiate your aqua-lust, and also pump up your adrenaline. If you are thinking this can be witnessed anywhere, then you are slightly mistaken, as this rafting features sparkling water which is fenced with verdant forests.

Where did I experience? : This can be enjoyed at the Songprak River in Phang Nga.

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7. Climb the honeycombed limestone cliffs along the Railay beach

Not all girls are made up of sugar and spice, some are made of adventure and no fear! This is a true saying at least for me. Believe it or not but climbing the limestone cliffs of Krabi, is an unmissable part and the best adventure if you wish to push your limits.

Before I started, I literally took a step back, as when you look at the cliffs they looked almost unattainable, but this was the perfect activity to challenge myself.

Where did I experience? : At Railay beach, Krabi town.

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8. Unveil the secrets of water with Canoeing in Ao Thalane

When you travel, keep a watch on the compass and not clocks. With this activity, you can expose the mysteries it owns, be it the soaring limestone cliffs or forest-fringed coastlines, every peculiar detailing of this land can be examined with canoeing.

What canoeing is? It’s a small boat which you have to paddle with a single bladed paddle. The power lies in your hand, and you are spoiled with choices, as you are your own master and you can feed your spark of exploration with this adventure.

Where did I experience? : You can enjoy this activity in Ao Thalane.

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9. Glide over the green with Ziplining at Treetop adventure park

Are you a daredevil? Well, this adventure will surely boost your heartbeat up to its notch. Since childhood, I wanted to swing from one tree to another like a Tarzan, but it seemed almost impossible. When I toured Krabi, I lived my dream at the adventure park which caters to zip lining.

While you glide along the greens of the jungles you can feel the tinge of thrill, which will assuredly shackle your spine. This is a very popular activity in Thailand and is taken up by a lot of tourists who flock here. Additionally, with this enthralling experience, you can savour the true essence of excitement.

Where did I experience? : This can be experienced at Treetop adventure park, Krabi province.

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10. Take a plunge into oceans with Kayaking in Mangroves of Ao Thalane

Witness the surreal landscapes and create everlasting memories with this aqua activity. While you discover the enigmas of this province, you will come across rugged terrains, deviating cliffs, lush green forests, and clear waters.

If you are seeking for a fusion of tranquillity and natures wonders, then this adventure will not leave you in dismay and is just perfect for you. Speaking about my experience, it was a wonderful combination of hidden caves and dense mangroves, which fascinated me.

Where did I experience? : This can be witnessed at Ao Thalane bay, near Krabi.

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