These are the Most-Loved Film Locations. How many of these Iconic Landmarks can you Identify?

March 2018

New York Filming Locations
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There are many locations which we see frequently on screen - be it at your home or at theatres. A list has been compiled which has come up with top 20 most-loved, frequently-used filming locations for TV as well as films.

It has been revealed that Central Park in New York is officially the most sought-after and most liked set location for the entertainment industry. According to The Independent, the park has appeared 231 times in various movies such as ‘Superman Returns’, ‘Men in Black II’, and ‘John Wick’.

Most of the most-used film locations came out to be in the UK and the USA. Ironically, only one location outside these two countries made it to the list.

UK trailed behind with just 25,786 movies and TV shows shot in the country in contrast with US’ figure of 139,506.

Here is the complete compilation:

1. Central Park, New York (Most iconic films: The Devil’s Advocate, Spiderman 3)

2. Venice Beach, California (Most iconic films: The Big Lebowski, He’s Just Not That Into You)

3. Greenwich Village, New York (Most iconic films: 13 Going On 30, Julie & Julia)

4. Astoria, New York (Most iconic films: Arthur, Private Parts)

5. Williamsburg, New York (Most iconic films: Don’t Say A Word, Sherlock Holmes)

6. UCLA, California (Most iconic films: Scream 2, Hancock)

7. Coney Island, New York (Most iconic films: Brooklyn, The Other Guys)

8. Times Square, New York (Most iconic films: The Devil Wears Prada, Burn After Reading)

9. University of British Columbia, Canada (Most iconic films: Fifty Shades of Grey, She’s The Man)

10. Harlem, New York (Most iconic films: Get Him To The Greek, Limitless)

11. South Bank, London (Most iconic films: About A Boy, Austin Powers - Goldmember)

12. Greenpoint, New York (Most iconic films: The Yards, The Visitor)

13. Hollywood Boulevard, California (Most iconic films: Borat, Mulholland Drive)

14. Canary Wharf, London (Most iconic films: Casino Royale, Batman Begins)

15. Piccadilly Circus, London (Most iconic films: Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Dark Knight)

16. Trafalgar Square, London (Most iconic films: Children Of Men, 28 Days Later)

17. Griffith Observatory, California (Most iconic films: La La Land, Transformers)

18. Old Royal Naval College, London (Most iconic films: Les Miserables, The Iron Lady)

19. East Village, New York (Most iconic films: Donnie Brasco, We Own The Night

20. Big Bear Lake, California (Most iconic films: City of Angels, Magnolia)

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