11 Travel Destinations You Should Plan For Now To Explore This Summer

April 2018

If there’s one thing that all Indians love to do, it has to be travelling and if it’s for cheap, even better. The weather to vacay will be back in a few months and it’s time you start planning your next getaway. If you are looking for places outside India to visit this summer vacation, you came to the right place at the right time. Before it’s too late, and all bookings are full, check out these 11 International places you can travel to this year. We are happy to help.

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A List Of 11 International Places Trips From India.

1. Nepal

Nepal, India’s neighbouring country, is cheaper than any other international place on the map and believe us, it’s worth it. It has visa on arrival and is perfect for a short getaway during summer. With multiple adventure sports, tons of mountain views and some amazing heritage sites, Nepal is one place you should definitely not miss.

2. Malaysia

This Southeastern country in Asia is a beautiful blend of pop culture and traditional charm. If you love beaches, Malaysia is where you need to be. It’s the city of rainforests too. With a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences, this country has a variety of options for you to explore. Of course, you need to visit Malaysia for the famous Petronas Twin Towers too.

3. Thailand

If you’re a party person, Thailand is the place for you. Cities like Phuket and Bangkok have a lot to offer in terms of clubbing and food. The country also has tropical beaches, temples, and palaces for you to explore. Thailand is also known for its amazing spas. The shops, houses and markets call out to shopaholics and if you are one, you know exactly where to pack your bags for.

4. Maldives

The Maldives is an island country rich in spectacular beaches, sea views and coral islands. From picturesque landscapes to a tempting variety of international cuisines, you gotta head to the Maldives for all things awesome. After all, we all need some vitamin sea every now and then, right?

5. Cambodia

Another country in Southeast Asia, the best time to visit Cambodia is April - June. Unlike the beaches in Thailand, buzzing with life, the beaches at Cambodia are quiet and untouched. If you are someone who likes to spend time in peace, Cambodia is where you need to be. Cambodia is also the home to the largest monument ever built – Angkor Wat – and it’s a must visit.!

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise; however, there’s a lot more that this country has to offer. It’sthe perfect place for a family trip with museums, temples, parks and even natural reserves for you to explore. Hong Kong is also home to Disneyland, which needs no introduction. If you are all about Disney fandom, you have to visit this country.

7. Egypt

Egypt is best known for its pyramids. It has movie-like, larger than life, locations and damn, it’s one of the cheapest international destinations from India. You will find Egyptian cuisine, quite similar to what we eat in India, Egypt has some great kebabs, koftas, and even shawarmas. So don’t wait and get your bookings done, now.

8. Vietnam

Vietnam has a fascinating history and it’s one place that has to be on your travel list. The breathtaking landscape, the beautiful islands and the oh-so-amazing food, will make you fall in love with this country. The city is quite affordable and they have the best coffee in this world. So if you are a coffee lover, you have to pack your bags for Vietnam.

9. Myanmar

A city that’ll fit your budget and is worth every buck you’ll spend has to be Myanmar. This country has beautiful Buddhist monasteries, hot air balloon rides and some amazing beaches. The locals are extremely friendly and you’ll have a fun time exploring the country on-foot for short distances.

10. Turkey

If you’re a foodie, you have to visit Turkey. With Middle Eastern, European and Asian influences, the shawarmas, soup, kebabs, pizza, stews and breads are to die for. Turkey’s cultural heritage will leave you spellbound. The great bazaars of Turkey are extravagant, and a perfect place to shop. If you visit Turkey, we can guarantee you, it’ll be value for money. So, get ready to book your tickets now.

11. Mauritius

Mauritius has some of the best water sports and you can witness marine life like nowhere else. A few parts of Mauritius are known for dolphin spotting and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss. The beaches in Mauritius are to die for

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