10+ Super Clever Tips For A Fun And Fuss-Free Travel Experience

April 2018

Love traveling and hate packing! Or maybe you’re a spontaneous traveler, ready to leave at a moment’s notice but you end up leaving something important behind? We have here a list of things to make your travel fuss free.

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We have here a list of things to make your travel fuss free:

1. Scarf it safe!

The scarf purse comes with a discreet pocket that enables you to enjoy your vacation hands-free without having to compromise on carrying essentials. It’s finally time to bid adieu to fanny packs. This scarf purse is a must for all those adventurers; keep your passport, cell phone and money safe without having to carry a sling bag. The scarf is the least likely item to get stolen and it’ll also protect you from harsh weather. If the options available online don't suit your taste or if you find them expensive, go ahead and make your own scarves with the help of a trusted tailor!

2. Roll with it!

Rolling clothes instead of folding them is a better packing trick because it enables you to add more to your bag/suitcase and is comparatively lesser prone to wrinkles than folded clothes. Rolling your clothes in tissue paper also reduces creases. But whether you’re rolling or folding, the mantra is to NOT pack more than you need. Try reducing on carrying a number of footwear by packing comfortable walking shoes/flats in a neutral block colour that might go with all your outfits.

3. Nothing but the bag on your back!

Invest in a good backpack rather than a suitcase because it’ll give you the ease of carrying around everything you need on your back! Wheeled luggage is always an option, but not if you need to lug your bags up or downstairs or on gravel roads. Backpacks also take your adventure quotient up a notch and makes you less of a tourist and more of a traveler! Any adventure store will be able to guide you on backpacks suitable for the body built and type.

4. Map your way!

Always carry a hard copy of a map of the city you're going to, save your phone charge and internet costs for when you really need it! Besides, finding your way with the help of a map helps you immerse yourself in a new place, rather than blindly following the GPS on your phone. Carry a pen and paper to write down important contact numbers or addresses for times when technology fails you. (And we assure you, sometimes it does!)

5. Shampoo bars

Can never remember what amount of liquid is allowed on airplanes? Try looking for shampoo bars and soap bars online. Leaky bottles and ruined clothes will no longer dampen your trip. Or better yet, try purchasing small bottles when you’ve reached your destination!

6. Chapstick to get you out of a sticky situation!

Nothing ruins a trip more than losing your items or having them stolen. (And more often than not, Murphy’s law will take care of your wallet or phone.)Keep some emergency cash in an emptied-out chapstick container or plastic or metal chewing gum containers.

7. No need to miss your junk

Can’t do without your junk jewellery while traveling?Well here’s just the trick for you! String your necklaces through a straw to avoid getting them tangled and use pill boxes to keep your earrings organized.

8. Blog Buddies

Join a travel forum or follow a travel blogger to get real time updates, tips and reviews on the places you’re visiting. There really is no better way to plan your trip than asking someone who’s recently been there; and more importantly, they’ll be able to connect you with people who can help you scout the best places for local food and events; only makes your trip that much better!

9. Stuck in the dark?

Use a plastic container such as an empty water bottle or jerry can to instantly brighten up your surroundings. Place your phone flashlight or any other small flashlight in a dry plastic container to make it brighter. Perfect for those dark dingy restrooms while on a road trip or for when you’re camping.

10. Be aware of local laws

Be respectful of the places you’re visiting and ensure you're not violating any social norms or laws, which is a sure way to ruin your trip. Also try and learn few phrases in the local language to help navigate your experience.

11. Instant Phone speakers

Think you’ve found the perfect sunset or sunrise to enjoy your favourite song with your friends but you’re phone speakers aren’t loud enough? We have just the trick! Place your phone in a glass to amplify the sound. Instant speakers on the go!

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