9 Essential Tips To Follow When Packing For A Trip

March 2018

As much fun as it is to go for vacations, packing is a pain in all its glory. From space issues to remembering each and every essential item, the process of packing is anonymous to a living nightmare for all of us. Worry no more, with these handy tips packing your bag is just a matter of a few minutes of investment.

Things To Carry While Travelling From Mumbai
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Wearing the bigger gear

Instead of carrying the heavy gears, wear them to reduce luggage weight and save space! Wearing a heavy long jacket or a pair of boots saves you space for 3 more t-shirts and small knick knacks!

Packing Cubes

Easily available, they come in a set of multiple storage cubes. Keep your dirty shoes separated from fresh clothes or pack categorically to save the time in finding a needle in hay (sic). Same goes for your makeup items and toiletries. Put them in a pouch to make life easier.

Tiny Storage Bottles

Carrying a 500ml lotion bottle to a 3-day trip is completely unnecessary. With the lotion bottle, a woman will have 8 more that follow, resulting in a mayhem of storage issue in the bag. Buy storage bottles of small capacities. Transfer your product into these and voila! This hack is a boon in the name of travel hack!


An unlikely entry, but this serves as a multipurpose tool when on trips. Not just for your hair, this comes in handy when you have to urgently dry a sock or an undergarment.

Medicine Container

Use these as storage boxes for your jewellery and enjoy a hassle-free time on your vacation.

Extra Care for Liquids

To prevent the horrific ‘accidental shampoo bottle explosion’ or dripping of any sort, just cut a small piece of plastic wrap and press them under the cap of your bottle for air-tightening it. No more drips!

Roll and stack

Keeping a rolled piece of clothing saves more space than a folded one does. No need to worry about the wrinkles; a properly rolled cloth does not leave any wrinkle on it. Make your bag more compact with this easy hack.

Check and Pack Rule

The thumb rule to packing is to make a list, sort individual item into stacks according to the list and all you are left with is putting them in the bag. This prevents haphazard packing and leaves no chance of forgetting an item. A checklist comes in handy even if you are in a rush and do a hurried packing at the last moment. A list, check, pack and set off!

Know what is essential

There may come a time when because of storage space, you may have to leave behind some of the items. Essentials on the priority list of the most necessary ones for the trip are what finally make it to the bag.

Minimalistic packing is the key to an organized travel bag. Keep it simple and cut out the burden of packing with our list of simple hacks!

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