The Popular Beaches of Andaman Islands Complete Your Trip to This Beautiful Archipelago

February 2018

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Andaman, the picturesque island archipelago in the middle of the Bay of Bengal is blessed with some of the best beaches in India. The stunning beaches in Andaman are a lure for a visit to the heavenly islands. Blessed with unrivalled beauty, romantic setting, adventure activities and myriad experiences, these beaches are the perfect spots for a pleasant holiday. Take a break from the monotonous network of bustling city life.

Check out our list of best beaches you must visit on your holiday in Andaman.

Radhanagar Beach

Featuring in the top ten beaches in the world, Radhanagar Beach is undoubtedly the best. Azure water, white shining sand, exceptional sunset views and plush greenery makes it perfect place to unwind in the lap of Mother Nature. Don’t forget to buy souvenir from the shacks.

Things to do at Radhanagar Beach

Swimming, Sunbathing and Basking in the sun are the top things to do at the Radhanagar Beach.

Location – Havelock Island

Elephant Beach

Featuring stunning coral reefs, calm ambiance and smooth silky white sand, Elephant Beach is one of the famous beaches in India. Get bewitched by exploring its underwater marine life. Even the means to reach here is also exciting. Fetch a boat or trek through a thick jungle to get to the shore.

Things to do at Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling & scuba diving, underwater sea walk and Jet Ski ride.

Location – Havelock Island

Vijaynagar Beach

Keep you cameras ready for clicking a few pics surrounded by the pristine Mahua trees and picturesque location of the Vijaynagar Beach. Beach no. 5 offers serenity which is exquisite in nature. Cerulean sky and crystal clear shallow water present a visual retreat and make it an ideal place for honeymooners.

Things to do at Vijaynagar Beach

Surfing and swimming can be enjoyed to the heart’s content at the Vijaynagar Beach.

Location – Havelock Island

Kala Pathar Beach

Another feather added in the cap of Andaman Islands in terms of beaches is Kala Pathar Beach. The emerald water, shiny sand and clear sky complement each other very well. Tie a hammock, lie down and read a book. The beach is a must visit destination in India for solitude seekers.

Things to do at Kala Pathar Beach

Kala Pathar Beach is ideal for swimming and sun bathing.

Location – Havelock Island

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Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Corbyn’s Cove is an untouched beach in Port Blair. Fringed with coconut trees and presenting a majestic view, the beach is a paradise for nature lovers and best family holiday destination. Plan an excursion or picnic here and cherish the best moments of your life. Sit comfortably on the chairs or chase the waves as they return after wetting your feet.

Things to do at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Indulge in watersports, sip in sweet coconut water, enjoy a leisure stroll and shopping from the beach shacks are the best things to do at Corbyn’s Cove Beach.

Location – Port Blair

Wandoor Beach

Head towards the scenic Wandoor Beach for spending a quality time with your loved ones. Stroll along the crystal clear water and let the soothing environment calm your senses. The natural caves formed with passage of time add fun to the quotient.

Things to do at Wandoor Beach

Swimming, Coral sighting, clicking pictures with uprooted trees are the best things to do at Wandoor Beach.

Location – Port Blair

Lalaji Bay Beach

Azure water and the white sparkling sand at the Lalaji Bay Beach portray an eye pleasing scenario. Green coconut palms and superb marine life are an added attractions. Hire a dinghy or delight in a small trek to reach this famous beach in Andaman. A soul warming experience awaits for you!

Things to do at Lalaji Bay Beach

The list of top things to do at Lalaji Bay Beach includes swimming, spotting dolphins, snorkeling and bird watching.

Location – Long Island

Chidiya Tapu Beach

‘Bird Island and ‘Sunset Point’ are the other sobriquet given to Chidiya Tapu Beach. Bask in the beauty of the drowning sun while capturing the exceptional natural phenomenon. Adventure enthusiasts can spend some extra time by following a trekking trail to Munda Pahad. After reaching the Munda Pahad don’t forget to pay attention to an extended black cliff with seascape.

Things to do at Chidiyatapu Beach

Bird watching and trekking are the fun activities to be tried at the Chidiyatapu Beach.

Location – Port Blair

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is a home to rich coral reefs and hence is known as the ‘Coral Kingdom’. A trip to Andaman can’t be concluded without halting at this beach. Glittering sand, ultramarine water and distant jungles add to the charm of the destination. The shallow water can even evoke the feelings of non-swimmers to learn some swimming strokes.

Things to do at Bharatpur Beach

Enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater viewing by glass bottom boats, coral watching and swimming at the Bharatpur Beach.

Location – Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach

If you love the color play during the sunset then Laxamanpur Beach is the ideal place for you. Dotting the skyline with various hues of orange, yellow and red, the popular beach in Andaman is frequented during evening. A few lucky ones can even spot a sea cow. Collect the sea shell and take them with you as a souvenir.

Things to do at Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach proves to be the best for snorkeling, taking a closer view of the marine life, swimming and sunbathing.

Location – Neil Island

Kalipur Beach

An excursion to Kalipur Beach is sure to enthrall you with spectacular views of the Saddle Peak. Nothing is better than enjoying a romantic evening with your consort while walking hand in hand along the magnificent shores. Another thing that will be cherished forever is to see how turtle lay their eggs and how baby turtles are set free into the sea.

Things to do at Kalipur Beach

Trek to Saddle Peak, pin point a sea turtle, swimming, spotting a jellyfish and snorkeling

Location – Diglipur

Ross & Smith Islands

Walking on the sandbar between the Ross and Smith Islands can make your day. Don’t get tricked by the illusion of the sandbar during the low tides and its escaping during the high tide. Experience the village life at the Smith Island and take away with you memories to be cherished forever.

Things to do at Ross & Smith Islands

Hopping from one island to another, snorkeling, swimming, Island camping, watch the coral reefs, sunbathing and scuba diving are the top things to do at Ross and Smith Islands.

Location – Diglipur

Merk Bay Beach

One of the lesser known beaches in Andaman Island, Merk Bay Beach pleases with breathtaking views of the surroundings. A day trip to this beach with white sand includes beach walking and boat riding. Since, the island on which this beach lies is inhabited, you won’t be comprising with your privacy during your honeymoon.

Things to do at Merk Bay Beach

Snorkeling, swimming, dolphin spotting and bird watching, scuba diving and beach activities can be whole heartedly enjoyed at the Merk Bay Beach.

Location – North Passage Island

Sitapur Beach

Neil Island houses some of the best beaches in Andaman. Sitapur Beach is one amongst them. The pristine beach is famed for its plush foliage, white sand, sapphire water and bounties of nature. Click the best pictures with amazing backdrop. The beach also holds the title of ‘Sunrise Beach’ for showcasing gorgeous sunrise views.

Things to do at Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach offers best opportunities for swimming, relaxing, exploring small caves and photography.

Location – Neil Island

Little Andaman Island

Although titled as ‘Little Andaman Island’ but this archipelago is one of the largest Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Island boasts of a myriad of sun-kissed beaches, waterfalls and nature’s bounty. Butter Bay is one of the gems of the Island and is a warm weather destination in India.

Things to do at Little Andaman Island

Visit the incredible waterfalls, white sandy beaches, enjoy boating through the creeks, go for surfing and bask in the jungle safari.

Location – Southern side of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

When in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you won’t come to know how time flies by while exploring these popular beaches.

Best Time to Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Weather remains pleasant at Andaman and Nicobar Islands during the months of October to mid-May. Thus, it is the best time to visit Andaman Island.

How to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Island can be reached by two means only that is either by flight or by sea. There are regular flights from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. However, Visakhapatnam also facilitates flights on specific days.

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