Best Things To Do In Shimla

October 2018

One of the pleasantly panoramic and pristine pure hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla has always been and remained a prime tourist destination in north India and has attracted families from India and abroad. Snow capped hills, religious sites, museums and art galleries are the famous tourist attractions of Shimla. This charming hill station of Himachal Pradesh named after the famous ‘Goddess Shyamala Devi’, an incarnation of Goddess Kali. The panoramic nature and salubrious climate make it the most sought after hill resorts in India.

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Here is the list of best things to do in Shimla vacations for a memorable trip.

Christ Church Shimla

Second oldest church in North India, Christ church in Shimla is one of the most visited and prime attraction in Shimla city. The church has witnessed a number of changes through the years. Later, the church was consecrated on 10th January, 1857 by Bishop Wilson of Calcutta. With Neo-Gothic style, the exquisitely designed windows of the church are its key feature.The church has five glass windows which allure people from different communities to visit here and have a glimpse of their beauty. Every window of the Christ church is known to present different virtues of Christianity including faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience and humility. Moreover, you can see some beautiful wall paintings in Christ church and the paintings that portray scenes from Jesus Christ’s life. A visit to Christ church in Shimla would surely offer you great peace and power

Viceregal Lodge

Commonly referred as Rashtrapati Niwas, Viceregal Lodge is one of the most spectacular structures in Shimla. Settled on the picturesque observatory hill of Shimla, the striking Niwas is exquisitely designed in Jacobean style; English styles depicting renaissance revival. The teak-paneled interiors are star attraction of Viceregal Lodge, which are immensely beautiful and unique. Further, as soon as you get to see the building, you would surely get a feel of fantasy world of Harry potter. Actually Viceregal Lodge is also best places for history buffs and art lovers. There is grand reception hall, staircase, amazing facade, several artifacts and beautiful lush lawns that offer you a great lifetime experience. You can also witness some inscriptions and photographs from the times of British Colonial rule. Today Viceregal Lodge in Shimla turned into Indian Institute of Advanced Study, but you can take a guided tour of the buildings.

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

Designed by renowned architect Henry Irwin in Gothic Victorian style, the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex constitutes of a City Museum, amphitheatre, multipurpose theater and conference hall. The prime attraction of the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is Victorian theater where well-known artists like Rudyard Kipling, Prithvi Raj Kapoor and Baten Powel have performed.Excellent performances and a mélange of various programs are the highlights of the theater. Basically, you can say the place is historic cultural center where you get to witness some of the arts and crafts and historical objects.

Jakhu Temple

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Tara Devi Temple

Another sanctified spot in Shimla, Tara Devi Temple settled on a top a lush green hill and around km away from Shimla. Dedicated to Goddess Tara Devi (important goddess of Tibetan Buddhist and considered one of the nine sisters of Devi Durga), the temple of Tara Devi is considered one of the ancient temples in Shimla, more than 250 years old. The temple is not only visited to seek blessings, but also to enjoy scenic views from the hill top. Locals here claim that wooden statue of Goddess Tara was brought to this temple by Sen Dynasty King from West Bengal and was established as per Vaishnav tradition. During Sharad Navratri, on the day of Ashtami, special pooja is organized in the temple. All the rituals and worship ceremonies are performed with great devotion and dedication.

Naldehra Golf Course

Naldhera Golf Course was put up under the supervision of Lord Curzon who was so much enchanted with the gorgeous beauty of the place that he named it after its youngest daughter Naldehra. Moreover Naldehra Golf course in Shimla is one of the oldest golf courses in India and is best-known for its charming beauty. The course is a PAR 68, 18hole with 16 Greens and 18 Tees and has a design reminiscent of Scottish links courses. Initially the course was built as a 9 hole, but later extended to 18 holes. Naldehra is the only one and best place to enjoy golfing in Shimla.

Chadwick Waterfall

One of the famous attraction for families in Shimla, Chadwick waterfall. The water gushes down from a height up to 1587m, relaxing all your senses. The clear water appears to be like crystals falling down. Surrounded by abundant greenery, consisting mainly of pine and deodar, Chadwick fall in Shimla is like a wonderland for nature lovers.

Himachal State Museum

The Himachal State Museum mainly depicts the life and culture of the hilly people. Formerly the museum was a private residence of Lord William Bereford, but after Independence it served as the residence of Indian Government officials. The grand building was transformed into a museum on January 26, 1947 with an objective behind, to collect and preserve the historic objects, artifacts and archaeological items of the state Himachal Pradesh. The museum houses wonderful collection of ancient historical sculptures, coins, paintings and photographs. It also houses a library which has a great collection of around 10, 000 books, journals and magazines. Further, there is a gallery too, which has metal, wooden and stone sculptures. In-addition, there is a paintings section, where you can see some amazing works of- Pahari and Rajasthani painting, religious, Mughal and contemporary paintings. The major attraction of the museum is the doll gallery which exhibits massive collection of Himachali tribal and bride dolls.

Shopping on Mall Road

Apart from being gifted with lovely scenic beauty, Shimla is also regarded as a shopper’s paradise for those who love shop. With number of breathtaking attractions, the mall road at Shimla is best-known for its vibrant markets. Mall road is one of the liveliest places in Shimla also known as heart of Shimla bustling with social life. There are number departmental stores, showrooms and shops to keep you engaged for hours. Starting from the Oberoi Clark hotel to Scandal point, you can get number of shops, clubs and restaurants on this road. Some of the best buys of the place are woolen garments (shawls and Himachali caps), accessories, wooden articles, pottery and handicrafts. There is a Himachal Emporium on the Mall road which offers handicraft products including locally designed woolens, pottery items, and shimmering jewelries, manufactured in Himachal Pradesh. Further, the Tibetan and Lakkad bazaar which adjoins the mall is also a major hub for shopaholics. Some of the unique buys here include wood work pieces and excellent quality garments.

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