23 places in Asia to view the stunning spring season

March 2019

Asia is a beautiful continent to visit during spring and offers varied faces of the season in different areas due to geographic variances. One can experience its many breathtaking forms, including blooming flowers and rice field terraces in some areas, summer weather in others while certain places even witness rain showers.

Take a look as we pick out a few of the best sights in Asia during spring.

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Perhaps one of the most scenic areas in the world, Mt. Fuji boasts of some popular cherry blossom spots – Fuji 5 Lakes, Urui River and Oshino Hakkai are the most sought after.

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Ngong Ping Plateau, Hong Kong

The region is home to the remote Po Lin Monastery that houses the Tian Tan Buddha statue. Lush cherry blossoms offer a beautiful canopy during the spring season.

Jeju Island, South Korea

The island is where royal cherry blossoms were first found. From walking paths to photo booths, it is one of the best places to enjoy spring flower festivals.

Bangkok, Thailand

The city takes on a pinkish hue during spring, thanks to the abundance of cherry blossoms all around. Take in the different sights and enjoy the Songkran Festival – Thai New Year's national holiday – which is held in April.

Hapcheon, South Korea

Spring over the Maehwasan Mountain and Hwangmaesan Mountain means picturesque blankets of pink royal azaleas.

Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Misty hills with blooming rhododendrons all around makes the spectacular national park look almost surreal in spring.

Sapa, Vietnam

A popular tourist destination, the region is known for its terraced rice fields and colonial-style houses. The lush greenery is beautifully complemented by the variety of flowers in spring.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Also known as the ‘Kingdom of Flowers,’ the region has several varieties in abundance, including wild sunflowers, phoenix, cherry blossoms, mimosas, Mexican sunflowers and white orchids.

Pokhara, Nepal

Trekking up the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek in spring would allow you to marvel at the Himalayas while immersing in the blooming rhododendron groves all around.


Spring is one of the best times to visit Singapore. Apart from the pretty blossoms everywhere, it also boasts some of the best gardens in the world.

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Journeying through the mountainous valley is nothing short of a miracle during spring, when the entire region is filled with bursts of colors of flowering plants.

Bali, Indonesia

In April and May, temperatures hit their peak in Indonesia, but the weather remains fairly consistent in Bali all through the year. Spring is in fact the best time to visit the city before it gets crowded by tourists for summer season in June and July.

Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan

The park, renowned for its abundance of flora and fauna, hosts multiple flower festivals during spring. A few of the standout flowers include calla lilies, wild peonies, azaleas, peach and cherry blossoms.

Ibaraki, Japan

A trip to Hitachi National Seaside Park and Ashikaga Flower Park will give you splendid views of blooms other than cherry blossoms, including tulips, daffodils and nemophila.

Gwangyang, South Korea

The city is filled with maehwa or apricot flowers in spring. As you take in the view, enjoy concerts, photo exhibitions, cooking contests and more.

Hangzhou, China

Spring is best enjoyed along the West Lake, where plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and magnolias come alive. Enjoy a day out in the sun as you soak in the fresh air.

Qinghai, China

The sparsely populated province is bathed in a golden sea of canola flowers in spring. One of the best places to view its splendor is the Qinghai Lake.

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Celebrating the magnificent blooming of tulips, the Tulip Festival in the Indian state is one of its kind. Taking place at a terraced garden, over 15 lakh flowers are displayed each year.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The entire region is dotted with blooming sakura trees. Additionally, the Chiang Mai flower festival allows you to enjoy displays of multitude of flowers such as chrysanthemums and damask roses.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

April is one of the best months to visit Kuala Lumpur, as it sits within a transitional period between monsoons, when winds are gentle and showers are localized and infrequent.

Kaomei Wetland, Taiwan

The wetlands are breeding grounds to various species of rare migratory bird and spring is a perfect time to enjoy the spectacular mirror finish views that the place offers.

El Nido, Philippines

The marble islands offer views of magnificent landscapes, stunning coral reefs and the plankton bloom during spring. The shoulder season in May presents visibility of up to 30 meters in the water, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling!

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Soak in the beauty of emerald waters, soaring limestone islands, gorgeous caves and rainforests as you tour the Hạ Long Bay on a boat or kayak. March-May is an ideal time to visit, with clear skies and dry weather offering breathtaking vistas of the region.

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